Online auctions have changed. No longer is it exclusively the tool of the professional investor. Today, it delivers a rapid, totally secure route of sale for every type of property owner, to a set timescale, with the security of a reservation fee.

This method works to a fixed timescale for completion, and achieves the maximum price in today’s market. These benefits are made all the more compelling by the security provided by the non-refundable buyer reservation fee.

• Conditional legal pack
• Transparency of transaction
• 28 days allowed for exchange plus 28 days for completion – 56 days total
• Speed and security in the transaction
• Non-refundable reservation fee paid on agreement of sale
• Anyone can buy – a brave new world for all, not just investors
• Attracts more buyers, as it allows for time
• To arrange finance/mortgages
• No sales fees

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